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When Michelle Gleason, the CEO and Founder of Luxe Beauty Solutions, began her career as a nail technician, she was overwhelmed by the amount of products available to perform the same service. After years of trial and error, and money wasted, Michelle discovered three hard gel products that could achieve any service needed. These gels provided the foundation for a simple routine but an endless amount of creative possibility when paired with colored gels. In 2002, Michelle committed her career to supporting other nail technicians in finding the same comfort and reliability of simple and practical products by creating Luxe. Offering a unique squeeze bottle design, effortless and controlled application, Luxe is unlike any other hard gel system. Luxe represents our dedication to helping nail technicians create beautiful nails with a simple and innovative technique that empowers you and your client.

Luxe Beauty Solutions

LUXE’s three squeeze-controlled system includes: Base, Builder and Finishing gels. Our rich palette of highly pigmented colors allows you full creative license and vibrant expression, meeting the expectations of any client list.
Our system allows you to drive your revenue by:

  • Maximizing chair time

  • Cross-utilize products/less inventory

  • Reduced product waste

  • Reducing filing time

“I want nail techs to have confidence in the products they use by having a simple and effective foundation to rely on while offering numerous colors to fulfill and expand their creative pallet.”

-Michelle Gleason, owner and CEO

Luxe Gel System truly defines the Art of Nails

The benefits

Oderless and safe. Icon showing the Co2.Durable and natural looking.Non-absorbing and non lifting.Free of formaldehyde

Oderless & safe

Durable & natural looking

Non-absorbing & non lifting

Free of Formaldehyde & Toluene

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Quality is our #1 priority

Even more benefits

As nail artists ourselves, we understand that nothing is more important than the tools of our craft and nothing is more challenging than product inconsistencies. Luxe Gel Systems has developed a product that speaks for itself with its self-leveling, non-yellowing, long lasting, and full palette of highly pigmented color features. Our unique packaging offers the “Ease of the Squeeze” making application an effortless and smooth process. Keep your clients happy by prolonging their nail life with a 3-4 week gap between fills.

Six steps to stronger, prettier nails

The Process

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