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In the meantime use our FAQ section below and our Learn page for more information on how to apply Luxe products. If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

Why is the gel too runny?

Viscosity of the gel will change in warmer temperatures; store gels in a cool and dark area.  It is not recommended that you leave the gels exposed to light or sun for long periods of time.

Why is my gel so hard to work with?

Viscosity of the gel will change in cold temperatures.  Warm gel by holding between your hands or legs for 30-60 seconds.

Why does my colored gel look funny?

Pigments in color gels are heavier than the gel, so it is recommended to stir the colored gels with an orangewood stick to distribute the color more evenly.

Why are my brushes hard?

This occurs when brushes are not correctly wiped and stored, we recommend using a lint free paper towel.  Unfortunately, there is not a solution to fixing the brushes once they have hardened. Avoid areas with direct sunlight or UV exposure, ALWAYS store brushes in a drawer or dark container.

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