Luxe products are my favorite - I will never go back! So many beautiful color choices and I know that each manicure will last at least 3-4 weeks, even when I am consistently using my hands. Plus, the process is quick and reliable. I get compliments on my nails all the time! Couldn't recommend these products enough.

This Nail Process is Amazing! Michelle Gleason is a genius. Her hard nail gel is the best I have ever tried. Consistently, I can go three weeks between fills. As a painter who has her hands in water and paints constantly, my nails clean up beautifully every time. That is the true test. Every other process has chipped or fallen off with a few days. Try it. You’ll love it.

I can’t say enough about LUXE. I’ve been wearing this product on my nails for years and absolutely love the way they wear. The process is so simple and clean, and the color palette is fantastic. More importantly, if it weren’t for the grow-out, I could go at least four weeks between appointments. This product is so strong and durable. I work in foodservice and (like all of us now) am washing my hands multiple times throughout the day and my nails don’t weaken with the water wear. As a matter of fact, I even SCUBA dive with them and they hold up. I always get compliments on the colors and if I’m wearing French, even with growth, I often hear how wonderful my nails look If you’re hesitant I say just go for it; you won’t regret it.

I have used many hard gels in my 30 years as a nail tech, but none as good as Luxe! The consistency is perfect every time! I love the fact that the applicator bottle points downward which means the gel is always ready to go and applies so easily. The colored gels are beautiful and the customer service is awesome! I highly recommend it!

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