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Six steps to stronger, prettier nails

The Process

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Nail Prep

Our Nail Prep is used in two steps, first to prepare the nail by sanitizing and dehydrating the nail for gel application as well as the final step to remove the dispersion layer

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Luxe Beauty Solutions cherry apple red colored gel.

Base Gel

Our Base Gel forms a layer between the natural nail and the Builder Gel, allowing for proper adhesion while protecting the nail

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Luxe Beauty Solutions Blue orchid colored gel.

Builder Gel

The strongest gel in our system, Builder Gel is used for sculpting and adding extra strength for problem nails.

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Luxe Beauty Solutions Blue Orchid colored gel.

Finishing Gel

“Always finish with Finishing Gel”
Finishing Gel is used to remove any dips through its self-leveling properties and provides a beautiful high gloss shine.

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Luxe Beauty Solutions Blushing pink colored gel.

Colored Gels

Our highly pigmented colored Gels can be used in all applications, including French, full cover or nail art. Colors are not applicable for sculpting as they have no building properties.

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Luxe Beauty Solutions Midnight colored gel.

Nail Accessories

You can’t get the perfect shape without the best Nail File and you can’t get the brightest shine without the best Nail Light. Take a look at our wide range of nail tech accessories.

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Luxe Beauty Solutions Vogue magazine.

Who is Michelle Gleason

About me

Driven by her ambition to offer nail technicians an easy, yet comprehensive, solution to gel nails, owner and CEO Michelle Gleason uses her over 30 years of experience to bring you this simple, yet sophisticated product.
Easy, not a ton of products, not overwhelming, more time effective, less filing, more product usage because of less waste, I want nail techs to have confidence in the products they use by having a simple and effective foundation to rely on while offering numerous colors to fulfill and expand your creative desires.
LUXE’s three gel system includes: Base, Builder and Finishing gels which are a squeeze controlled product. Our rich palette of highly pigmented colors allows you full creative license and vibrant expression, meeting the desires of any client list.

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Everyone loves the products

The Reviews

I can’t say enough about LUXE. I’ve been wearing this product on my nails for years and absolutely love the way they wear. The process is so simple and clean, and the color palette is fantastic. More importantly, if it weren’t for the grow-out, I could go at least four weeks between appointments. This product is so strong and durable...

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I have used many hard gels in my 30 years as a nail tech, but none as good as Luxe! The consistency is perfect every time! I love the fact that the applicator bottle points downward which means the gel is always ready to go and applies so easily...

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